Thank you for you interest in the Kingdom Advancing Accountability Group


I am excited that you are ready to take the appropriate steps in ensuring that what God has purposed for you to do will manifest and cause growth and productivity to the Kingdom.


The investment in the group is $225 per quarter and by signing up, you will be responsible for a minimum of two quarters. You will receive monthly one on one sessions and an occasional group webinar session for an added benefit to each member.


Below you will see what is required of you and what I will offer to assist you in your endeavors.


Your responsibility

  • Identify measurable and realistic goals
  • Be prepared to intelligently answer why goals were not completed
  • Ask, seek and knock of me
  • Let go of areas of non productivity
  • Produce what God has given you
  • Maintain open lines of communication
  • Offer ideas and suggestions of growth to the group

I Will

  • Hold you accountable in a safe environment
  • Keep you focused on your tasks and goals
  • Cause you to come out of fear and doubt comfort zones
  • Activate you into your next level of business or ministry

I Will Not

  • Reward laziness
  • Force you to produce
  • Put up with inconsistency


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