Catalyst Coaching Certificate Program

IMG_5501Candace N. Ford, a spiritual strategist and cataclysmic coach, is strategically equipped by heaven to help you move forward into seeing the reality of your thoughts into tangible results. Helping others is the center and foremost objective of the all-new Catalyst Coaching Certificate Program.

The purpose of the program is to instill in our clients the skills, tools, initiative, and accountability it takes to EQUIP YOU to be the effective help, coach, and motivator others need to bring out their gifts and abilities to cause positive influence and change in our world. Candace has what you need to bring you into a greater awareness and ability to use your voice to call forth others out of their obscurity and into God’s reality. Who’s ready for change? Who’s ready to lead? #letsgo

Get registered to change somebody’s thoughts into a worldwide reality.

This 6-week program will begin Tuesday, January 10, 2017 and end Tuesday, February 14, 2017. Classes will meet once per week facilitated by Candace N. Ford.

Once you have completed the Catalyst Coaching Certificate (CCC) Program you will be able to assist your clients in making progressive steps in areas of their relationships, career, life balance, spirituality, finances, etc. As a Catalyst Coach you’ll be able to aide people through discovering their life purpose, finding fulfillment in life, and hold them accountable to what God has called them to do in the earth.

Investment Cost: $850 (50% deposit is required to secure your space. Balance is due by January 24th)

Don’t just talk about it, be about it. You can’t just want the change, you have to be changed to lead change.


What people are saying about Candace’s coaching style and programs?

“Before meeting Apostle Candace I always knew I had purpose but didn’t have anyone to push me ‘in purpose’. Since being connected to her I have not only birthed a thriving and promising speaking business but I have also birthed my customer service training company New Phase Career Solutions. To be honest I can’t stop birthing!!!! She is an ultimate purpose pusher and anyone connected to her will birth and their dreams will NOT die. You need her in your life!!!  If you want to go higher, not just in business but spiritually, Apostle Candace is the one you need to be connected to. In her words, Get it done!” – Sharlrita Deloatch, Life Rebuilding Strategist

“I initially joined the CNF Ministry Accountability Group in 2015 in order to birth the business plan that was in my spirit. The Group concept was reorganized in 2016 into the Kingdom Advancing Accountability as a means to provide more stringent and individual accountability. The Master Coach and Accountability Leader, Candace N. Ford, is truly a leader with the wisdom, the guts and the integrity to ‘hold your feet to the fire’ and demand, if you will, that you produce tangible results. This approach coupled with biblical strategy and individualized encouragement provides the needed push to get you to the desired end-state. If anyone is dormant, stagnant, or without clarity in their vision of building a business, a ministry, or a collaborative effort, I highly recommend Kingdom Advancing Accountability and Master Coach Candace N. Ford as their Strategist.” -CB Wallace, New Beginnings Restoration Closet

“The CNF Ministries Kingdom Accountability Group has been strategically life changing for me as a Kingdom Leader! If you’re ready to move forward in your God ordained vision and desire wise counsel and strategic leadership Apostle Candace Ford is a powerhouse prepared, anointed and equipped to help you go forth.” -Joanne Alexander, JAMinistries


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